Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir Billing Paragliding is considered to be the perfect destination for adventure sports and other activities like camping and trekking. The elevation of the Billing take-off point from sea level is 1,525 m and 14 km far from the landing site Chougan. There are also other destinations where you can enjoy camping and trekking. You can experience bungee jumping, zip line, and sky cycling here.

If you are interested in trekking then here is a lot of place like the trek to Hanuman Garh, Chaina Paas, Rajgundha Valley, Barot Valley, Plachak, and Thamsar trek. We have also other long treks like Bir Billing to Manali( by Rajgundha, Bara Bhangal) Trek and Barot valley trek. So, the choice is yours.

Ghornala is a popular place for camping. There are lots of events are performed according to the festivals or special occasions(musical night, new year party and much more). Billing, Chougan, and Rajgudha are also the best points for camping. The Winter season is the most amazing time for camping. You can experience the live snowfall and explore the natural beauty. You can go to a Hot water spring source(Tatwani). Which is around 30 km from Landing Site Chougan. You can reach out there by taxi and after that, you need to walk on foot around 2 to 3 km to reach your destination.

Bir Billing Paragliding is the perfect destination for your adventure activity or to spend your vacation. So please visit here and give us a chance to provide the most reliable services at reasonable rates. To know more about us visit our Facebook page, simply make a call or drop a message.