Rajgundha Valley Trek – How to Reach Rajgundha?

Rajgundha Valley (Gundha Valley) is located in the Tehsil, Multhan District, Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Rajgundha valley trek is very famous among tourists and guests. This is a place full of natural resources and natural beauty. People who have been visited this place will fall in love with the elegant beauty and scenic view of this place.  The place is full of peace and you can listen to natural sounds like birds, animals, and children playing. The place is full of pollution-free. Rajgundha trek is not your destination there are lots of places behind the Rajgundha Valley for exploring or you can explore them.

Rajgundha Valley

Most people are called it Rajgundha Valley. Let me clarify you its actual name is Gundha Valley, not Rajgundha. Because there are two villages situated in this valley, the first one is Rajgundha everyone knows about that place and the second one is Kukkar Gundha. Local called it Gundha Valley or Gundha.

If you go to this valley via Billing then you reached Rajgundha placed first then after Kukkar Gundha Comes. If you go via Barot Valley then your first destination will be Kukkar Gundha. Because the peoples of these villages spend here 7 to 8 months and other months they spend in their second location.

Because there is a lot of snowfall happening in the winter season so it’s tough to survive because they also need to take care of their animals like cows, goats, sheep, etc. They will start visiting here again after the winter ends. The main crops here growing are Kidney Beans(Rajmah), Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Peas, Raddish, Red Cabbage, etc. The main source of income for the Rajgundha people is agriculture and wages. All people of Rajgundha are very hard-working, friendly, and honest. 

How to do Rajgundha Trek?

Mainly there are two ways to reach Rajgundha or Gundha Valley. The first one is via Barot Valley and the second one is via billing valley. If you are a trekker and want to explore nature closely in the dense forests, then there is another way to reach Rajgundha Valley. It’s might be difficult but believe this will make your day. But nobody knows about this trek only the local people of Rajgndha and shepherd use this route.

Via Barot Valley

Barot Valley to Rajgundha Trek

When you reached Bir then you need to hire a vehicle or if you have your vehicle then you can start your trek. You can also reach by Bus but the last Bus Station is Baragran and after that, you need to walk on foot to Rajgundha. So, let me clarify your route in a simple way your trek or route will start from Bir – Joginder Nagar – Ghatasani – Tikken – Barot – Baragran – Gharsa, Gharsa is your destination or you can call it the last point. Then you need to go on foot to Rajgundha Valley. It’s around 1 km from Gharsa or Gharsa Bridge. If your bike then you ride your bike to rajgundha but the road work is in progress so it’s off-road.

Via Bir Billing Valley

Billing Valley to Rajgundha Trek

When you reached Bir you can start two treks from Bir, first one is Bir to Billing trek and the second is the Rajgundha trek. For Rajgundha Trek you need to hire a vehicle or you can through by your vehicle to Rajgunhda. But due to road-work is on progress so you need to suffer some problems. So before going to Rajgunhda via billing you need to confirm that road is open. When you start your trek from Billing it’s around 12 km from billing. Here is route Billing- ChorPani- Chaina- Dharoti – Kardhar – Shapota – Rajgundha and after Kukkar Gundha Village. When you cross the Chaina then you will see the view of Thamsar, Baragran, Nalohata, and Kothi Kohar with almighty mountains.

At last

If you are an explorer and love to be on a trek in the dense forests and almighty mountains. So, via Billing to Rajgundha is the best choice for you. There are a lot of places to explore between the treks. Well, if you want to visit Rajgundha via Barot Valley then this is also the best choice for you. 

Before planning to Rajgundha Trek you need to check the weather and whether the road is closed or open. Roads are often closed during the winter and rainy seasons. There is a risk of landslides in the rainy season, so in winter the weather can be bad because snowfall can happen at any time. So it all depends on you which trek or route you choose. If you found something interesting, then kindly share it with your friends or other social media platforms. Wish you a memorable and enjoyable journey.